The world has changed a lot over the last 33 years.  We strive to remain on the cutting edge to continually add value to our services.

 Current Tech




All trucks are currently equipped with an on-board tablet based computer system that facilitates real-time data exchanges between our trucks in the field, and our staff in the office and shop.  The system will allow for Hours of Service tracking and compliance through E-Logs, Electronic Ticketing & GPS data on truck location.  This allows us to monitor our fleet and increase efficiency to deliver the service our clients expect.

Spill Stop

Spill Stop Gauge

All our trailers are currently equipped with a digital gauge system so that our drivers know how much product they have on their trailers.  This system also shuts off the truck’s pump in order to prevent over-fill.  This not only keeps drivers safe and legal, but aids in avoiding costly loss of containment.  This technology increases safety and decreases costs.



We are very excited to announce that we are up and running with our new electronic workflow, dispatch, ticketing and back office system.  This system handles all the dispatching and ticketing for our fleet and sends back real-time data on the loads being dispatched, loaded, delivered and invoiced.  We are able to track over 350 data points from every load from the time we receive it, dispatch it, load it, deliver it and invoice it.  A wide array of standard and custom reports are available at any time so that our customers always know the status of their cargo and their costs.  That also means live tracking of every load from start to finish, no lost or incorrectly delivered loads, and live cost tracking.  Our reports can also be automated to meet the needs of our management team and our customers.  Any needed reports can be automatically generated and sent to anyone via email at any time.   To put it simply – we know where your load is, when it will pickup, when it will be delivered and what the cost will be: Always.

Our system allows us to create custom site profiles of all our customers’ locations, including accurate measurements of tanks, the best directions for drivers, and any safety related items that our drivers may need to know in advance.  These profiles also allow us to restrict the location to certain types of trucks, or even certain drivers that can be dispatched to the location.  We can even save and send photos or other documents to our drivers so they know what to expect, which allows them to be quicker, safer and more productive.